DPF Solution

DPF is possible to clean when it is at early age and the diesel is good in the country the car operate.

In Cambodia, some Asia countries including Africa is facing DPF issue and it is costly to replace. We are having solution just at very reasonable price and affordable.

Software and programming is needed for this DPF and we are currently working with many Cambodian workshop and dealer in some others countries. Quick and easy to turn the car quick.

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Adblue or Bluetec in some cars is working after the DPF regeneration by time the DPF is not working correctly the Adblue will work too hard or not working at all. This will cause issue with fluid leak, no injection of the fluid and more.

We are offering at one stop and very good price for car owner and also our workshop dealer and turner.

In Cambodia is very popular and we are working everyday with Land Rover, Audi, Porsche, BMW, Mercedes to solve this issue professionally.

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ECU Programming

Never before that the car started to have ECU of all brands operating on the road today. ECU is the brain of the functionality and sometime it is crazy and sometime it need to be updated.

We also offering ECU also if customer need and we can program to the car according to the need. We are getting direct from ECU supplier and it is really good price. Quick and reliable service and part.

We are holding some ECU stock also such as Land Rover, Audi.

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