DPF Solution

DPF cleaning and solution for all kind of diesel car Range Rover, Audi, Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, Ford and more car to come.


Adblue-Bluetec-EGR solution for all kind of diesel car Range Rover, Audi, Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, Ford and more car to come.

ECU Programming

Used ECU, update car software, we can offering this at peace. No need to spend fortune at the dealer. We offer the same level of service and software.


In workshop where the customer request


WE also do DPF-Adblue repair at our workshop if customer or others garage wants us to do it. We are equipped with tools and special tool to conduct the work properly.

Mr. Pech would also walk through and explaining customer if they want to have more info on how to do DPF or Adblue.

Our workshop is in central Phnom Penh and it is very easy access and convenient.

File services and testing


We are taking lots of work in local marking by the garage sending us the ECU and the work, some are sending us the file. We can return the file and the ECU back in just 30 mins.

Files are verified before write back into the ECU and also before sending to the clients.

One time work with one time payment.


ECU Programming


Tuning, making new file, updating file for your car is available here. We are comparing old and new software before we are writing into your car. Good and correct file will improve your car performance and functionality. Bad file will damage your car.

Therefore, our programming you can trust and one time work, peace of mind.

ECU Cloning


ECU also have it life span and somehow some ECUs dead before the other or from the wrong doing of technician.

We are offering new ECU, used ECU, and make your car run again with a very good price.

We have stock most of Range Rover, Audi, Porsche, Mercedes, BMW ECUs and we have also strong support from Germany sources.


Technical Training


Training service for the customer who have garage by our expert, to have good work must have good technician and we are offering the proper training for this ECU training.

It is fast and easy to learn from us and to be the expert yourself on this field, after training we also offer the tools and on going support for the business. We are doing for all Cambodia garage and also from others countries.

TabScan (Only 650$)

TabScan (Only 650$) 3 years free update! Only the first 10 customers. 

TabScan S7D Features And Advantages:

• Innovative dual-mode diagnostic system ,Original manufacturer diagnosis and universal diagnosis,perfect solution for workshops.
• Intelligent searching patent, tenfold faster than normal diagnosis.
• Humanity button, real-time voltage and connection display, one-click reading VIN code.
•Provide DTC searching, remote assistance, workshop management and other convenient  service.
• Feedbacks automatically send to server which makes service more easier.

TabScan S7D Major Functions:

Mode One: Universal Diagnosis
Diagnostic function: Read and clear DTC, live data, active test, ECU information, freeze frame etc.
Service functions: ABS Bleeding, EPB Reset, Service Reset, CKP Learning, Throttle Reset,  SAS   Reset, Battery Reset, CVT Reset, TPMS, etc.
Coding function: Brush hiding functions (for VW, for Audi, for Skoda and constantly adding)
System functions: The system also includes the most recent auto-VIN technology that identifies vehicles with one touch and exclusive auto-scan function. One-click clear DTCs, one-click update, data record and replay, workshop manager, database query, repair video research, vehicle data manager, etc.
Mode Two: Original Manufacturer Diagnosis
Numerous brands, accurate diagnosis, coding , on-line programming, date searching etc.

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